Commercial Kitchens

Hygienic commercial Kitchen Flooring Solutions.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring
Commercial Kitchen Flooring
Commercial Kitchen Flooring
food production flooring, resin flooring

Safe, fit for purpose, hygienic solutions for commercial kitchen and food preparation flooring.


Protecting the welfare of your staff

Long term clients such as The Conrad Hotel, The Merrion Hotel and Parknasilla Resort use FloorTech® again and again.

Commercial kitchen floors are constantly being exposed to spillages such as fats, oils, grease, detergents and acids. Add heavy footfall to mix and you have the potential create an extremely hazardous environment.

By choosing a FloorTech® commercial kitchen floor you are protecting the welfare of your staff by investing in the safest flooring system on the market. Trazcon® has certified slip ratings and has superb upgrade potential for future modifications e.g. increase anti-skid, change colour scheme etc.

Trazcon® Decór is primarily used in commercial kitchen and food prep areas, mixing baking & rooms, chill rooms, ingredient stores, connecting corridors, gowning rooms and washrooms, thereby creating a safe and fit for purpose working environment.

Our clients include:

  • The Europe Hotel & Resort
  • Rochestown Park Hotel
  • The Malton
  • Louis Fitzgerald
  • The Conrad
  • The Kingsley Hotel
  • Trump International (Doonbeg)
  • Midleton Park Hotel
  • Parknasilla Resort

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