General FAQs

What are the different types of resin flooring on the market today?

There are three main types of resin flooring used in the industrial and commercial sectors in Ireland

These are:

  • PMMA
  • Epoxy
  • Polyurethane

Epoxy and polyurethane are classified as Thermo Set resins whereas PMMA is a Thermoplastic resin.

Both Thermo Set resins have similar properties while PMMA has its own unique and unrivalled properties.

The following comparison table summarises these properties

Resin Comparison Table

PMMA Epoxy & PU
Cure Time 1 hour 5-10 days
Overcoat Time 1 hour 8-24 hours
Installation Temperature 0oC to +30oC (Sub zero with special additives) 10oC to +30oC (optimum +15oC)
Repair Potential Excellent Poor
Upgrade Potential Excellent “Remove & Replace”


Specification FAQs

What stage of the project should we initiate contact?

As a rule of thumb, consultation should be made before you pour concrete.

BS 8204-6 states in section 4.2 that:
“It is essential that, in the design and construction stages, there should be full consultation with the manufacturer of the synthetic resin flooring to ensure that the product to be selected is entirely suited for the conditions both during application and in subsequent service”.

How do you help determine the best flooring solution for our needs?

There are many factors to consider when specifying a resin floor finish such as intended use, types of loading, chemical resistance, compliance with hygiene or food industry requirements, colour, slip-resistance etc. In short, FloorTech® offers a wide range of systems from thin floor seals to heavy-duty industrial protective screeds.

Installation FAQs

Do you provide the materials?

Yes, FloorTech® sources the majority of materials from our German manufacturing partners. All our resins have a Declaration of Performance certificate in accordance with Annex III of the Regulation (EU) No 305/2011, known as the CE Mark.

Does FloorTech® also carry out the installation of the floor?

Yes, all installations are controlled, managed and executed by our own fully qualified installation team(s) which guarantees consistency throughout. All FloorTech® installation teams are highly skilled receiving regular training to meet HACCP Compliance Standards. FloorTech® does not subcontract any installations, which eliminates the risk of cross responsibility.

Maintenance FAQs

Is it possible to repair the floor if it gets damaged?

Yes, Trazcon® has superb upgrade and retrofit potential because it’s a thermoplastic resin which means the curing process is reversible i.e. old chemically bonds to new. Upgrading the existing system e.g. increase anti-skid profile or changing colour is a simple process which requires minimal downtime because of the rapid 1 hour cure time.

What is the best maintenance regime for cleaning my floor?

FloorTech® recommends using its own cleaning solution (CL28) as part of a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. This will help to protect against external agents, prolongs the life of the floor and helps maintain its appearance. Regular and effective cleaning is necessary to maintain the anti-skid properties of the floor and reduce the risk of slips and falls. The use of mechanical scrubbers with a wet vacuum attachment will produce the best results and not leave residue on the surface.

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