Schools & Colleges

Decorative, anti-skid, attractive, easy care solutions.

Decorative, anti-skid, attractive, easy care solutions for canteen, classroom, hallway, restroom, kitchen and lab floors.


Hardwearing floor finish that will perform extremely well

Trazcon® makes the ideal application for educational facilities like Cork Institute of Technology, FÁS Training Centre and University College Dublin.

Floors in schools & colleges will have a constant heavy footfall. For this reason our clients typically require a hardwearing floor finish that will perform extremely well but also looks great.

With FloorTech® you have immense creative freedom to design a custom floor finish to meet your individual requirements e.g. colour coded walkways, sweeps, curves, unique patterns, logos, opi-art etc.

Principal areas of application include large canteen areas, receptions, offices, kitchens, stairwells, lecture theatres, showers and changing Areas

Our clients include:

  • Cork Institute of Technology
  • University College Dublin
  • St.Marks National School
  • Bandon Grammar School
  • St. Andrews College
  • St. Josephs National School
  • Ashton Comprehensive

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