Resin Floors

A complete solution to guarantee
a perfect, pinhole free, resin floor

PMMA delivers outstanding resin floors, but requires very precise recipes, mixing and installation.

Get it wrong and it’s a mess, get it right and you have super durable, high performance resin floors for life. Hence most resin flooring providers settle for lower grade resin floors. We don’t. Instead we ensure we control every single aspect of the solution including product development, project specification, mixing techniques and installation. A precise, complete solution that guarantees perfect PMMA resin floors, a FloorTech® floor.

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How We Do It

Tailored Plans

Get the ideal and exact
solution for your needs

We have extensive experience in all types of industries so we understand the specific needs and challenges of all types of operations. Our flooring surveyors will thoroughly inspect your facility and work with your team to plan the optimal resin flooring solution for your needs.

Detailed Specifications

Precise, expert,
tailored specification

Our specifiers have a broad range of resin flooring, designs, colours and features to choose from. We specify solutions and installation plans with military precision, nothing is left to chance.

Precise & Flexible Installation

Precise, efficient,
flexible installations

We control all installations of our resin floors to ensure our precise mixes and patented installation techniques are applied in every instance. Our own highly experienced team install all large scale projects. An international network of FloorTech Certified Installers back up our main team and complete small projects and maintenance work. We can run back-to-back crews for large projects on tight timelines.

What You Get

Improve the performance, cleanliness, aesthetic, safety and sustainability of your premises

PMMA resin floors are tough, durable, seamless, safe, attractive and easy to clean. The world’s highest performance floors use PMMA. As the PMMA resin flooring specialists we have developed and patented the use of specific materials, specific mixes and installation processes which consistently deliver the world’s most outstanding PMMA resin floors.

Optimal floor for your specific needs

We take the time to listen, survey, specify and carefully plan every install, all to ensure you get an outstanding floor which exactly fits your specific needs and environment.

Super-fast 1-hour cure time

The perfect PMMA resin floor with a super-fast cure time of just 1-hour. Too good to be true? Our PMMA engineers have made it possible. A proven 1-hour cure time ensures the fastest possible installations and the least downtime. A quick return to full production with the perfect PMMA resin floor.

Toughest, most durable floors

The toughest, most durable floors on the market, proven to last for decades with little or no maintenance. Tested in the harshest of environments, our floors can withstand more stress than any others. Drive, wash or drag materials on them. No lifting, no pinholes, no cracking, no fading, no wearing. Just a long lasting, tough, durable PMMA resin floor.

Cleaner and more hygienic

Independent tests have verified that FloorTech® floors are 98% cleaner than standard PU floors. The cleanest and most hygienic floors on the market, bar none. A closed pore, seamless finish for an impenetrable surface. Completely pinhole free so nowhere for bacteria, dust or dirt to hide. The perfect choice when a clean, hygienic environment is imperative.

More attractive and more creative freedom

A diverse colour palette, a huge selection of patterns, flakes, mixes and decorative finishes to choose from. We can develop any colour or we can suggest suitable mixes for your floors. We can also create your propriety blend, as we have done for the likes of Costcutter and Dairygold.

Now, we also offer the option of embedding your company logo or any graphic, up to 1x1m, directly into the finished floor. Patterned optical illusions can also be created. Your floor is your canvas. We’ll help you create your masterpiece.

PMMA produces the brightest, most attractive resin flooring. Up to 30% more light reflective than tiles. PMMA has a natural lustre that actually gets even brighter over time. “We now have an impressive floor that’s looks great” Ray O’Leary, GSK.

Lowest total cost of ownership

Being the highest performance resin flooring system available it may cost a little more than your standard resin floor. However, while the initial outlay might be slightly higher, our solutions deliver the lowest total cost of ownership, with payback beginning immediately.
  • 1-hour cure so minimal disruption to production.
  • Seamless finish so is easier, faster and cheaper to clean.
  • The most durable, longest lasting resin floor on the market.
  • Won't chip, crack or fade so lower maintenance costs.
  • Safer, so few accidents.
  • Cleaner, so less risk of contaminations.
The most outstanding resin based floors with the lowest total cost of ownership.

More environmentally friendly

FloorTech® floors also have a lower carbon footprint than PU floors. From the very beginning of a project we’re acutely sensitive to our impact on the environment. There’s no wastage at installation stage; we only mix the exact quantities of material needed, and no water in used in the mixing process.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are linked to health issues such as endocrine disorders, development disorders, asthma and other allergies. Flooring naturally releases hazardous levels of VOCs not only at installation stage, but over the course of their useful life. By developing a range of VOC free flooring solutions, we’re protecting the health of both floor users and installers, proactively keeping ahead of the legislation and doing our bit for the environment.

Our floors are also renewable, so upgrades, refurbishment or change of use are only a matter of sanding and recoating as required. Unlike other flooring options it does not have to be completely removed and replaced.

Easily upgraded and refurbished

The structure of our PMMA resin floors allow for quick and easy upgrade. No need to undergo a stressful and costly removal and replacement project, just sand and reseal your existing floor and you’re done. As a thermoplastic solution, our resin floors have a reversible curing process allowing them to be easily altered and changed to meet the changing needs of the facility.

Safer and stays safe for longer

FloorTech® floors maintain their anti-skid properties better than any other type of resin floor and if required, it’s quick and easy to re-apply the anti-skid coating.

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