Car Parks

Hardwearing, safe and visually stimulating solutions.

Hardwearing, safe and visually stimulating solutions for car park floors.

High performing, durable solutions

Busy multi-storey car parks require heavy duty floor finishes. Areas which are constantly being exposed to vehicular traffic demand high performing and durable solutions. Our industrial PMMA resin flooring systems possess high impact resistance to withstand heavy vehicular pressures.  Trazcon® will also resist tyre marks, is easy to clean and simple to maintain.

Trazcon® floors are built to last and will outperform all other alternatives, even in the toughest conditions. We offer a range of fluorescent colours and designs which enhance the surrounds, altogether providing a safer environment.

Our clients include

  • SuperValu Glanmire Multi-story Car Park
  • Brooklodge Roof-top Car Park

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