Another SuperValu upgraded with FloorTechs ® Trazcon ® Quartz System

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We installed the original floor in SuperValu Rowlagh 13 years ago and after a number of changes to the store layout since the original installation William Hanley decided that he wanted to upgrade the entire retail area of the store. This was the first major upgrade of the floor since the original installation in 2005. As our resin flooring systems are renewable and the integrity of the existing floor was intact we were able to overlay the floor area with minimal disruption to retail hours.

The Goal

The brief from William was very straightforward. He wanted to upgrade his existing floor to compliment his new store layout, changing the colour and increasing the anti-skid properties of the floor in the process. The floor also had to be hard wearing, aesthetically pleasing, and quick to install.

The Solution

Based on this brief we recommended our Trazcon ® Quartz system. This was chosen because it is extremely durable and from a safety standpoint it has superior anti-skid properties meeting BS 7976-2:2002 standards with a PTV in excess of 60 when wet or dry. This ensures that William has no concerns over the safety of staff or customers alike and the enhanced anti-skid properties will help future proof the store against potential claimants.

 The Process

We carried out the installation over 2 nights with over 250 square meters of floor installed on each of the nights. This quick installation meant minimal disruption to the store.

SuperValu Resin Flooring Solution

As our floor systems are renewable from a sustainability point of view the installation created a lower carbon footprint than other flooring alternatives as there is no waste or removal or disposal of old flooring systems, while also reducing downtime, future maintenance costs and future potential insurance claims.

Supermarket non slip flooring

The Outcome

When the installation was complete we received the testimonial below from William Hanley.


“FloorTech ® upgraded the retail floor area in SuperValu Rowlagh recently (March 2018). The original floor finish was installed by FloorTech ® over ten years ago and served us well, it only required renewal because of changes to the store layout which resulted in a patchwork of floor repairs over the years. 

On this occasion FloorTech applied a Resin floor with a silver/grey/black finish. This floor finish is highly resistant to slips as the quartz creates a grip that is effective with all shoe sole types. The colour which is grey in finish has a lovely texture and it has transformed the look and feel of the store.

If you are considering upgrading your floor finish and you have concerns about slip resistance or have a poor claims history then you should visit the store and see for yourself the fantastic look, feel and functionality of the floor in situ.” 


William Hanley

SuperValu Rowlagh


Hygienic Supermarket flooring solution


We wish William and all the staff at SuperValu Rowlagh continued success and we look forward to popping into the newly revamped store anytime we are in the area. If you are considering flooring for your business and have concerns about safety and slips you can request a callback by clicking here or click here to learn more about resin flooring.

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