Canteens and food preparation

The FloorTech® Trazcon® RS system is the optimum solution for canteens, retails areas and areas that receive a heavy amount of foot traffic. The FloorTech® Trazcon® RS system has a certified anti skid rating in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002 ensuring that the safety of customers staff and visitors is paramount and that the risks of trips slip and other accidents are reduced.

CIT canteen before during and after


The FloorTech® Trazcon® RS system system has been tested in accordance with and has been certified to conform to BS EN 1186. It is a fit for purpose flooring solution for food preparation and food sales areas such as canteens, deli counters, fish counters, bakeries etc. It is extremely durable and has been designed to withstand heavy traffic and frequent footfall.


Finished canteen in CIT


The FloorTech® Trazcon® RS system is also very easy to clean due to it non porous seamless finish resulting in lower cleaning costs and time savings when operated in conjunction with a regular cleaning / maintenance programme.


Service station Deli area with colour change to designate area for customers



The FloorTech® Trazcon® RS system is resistant to a wide range of acids, alkalis, cleaning agents, drinks, oils and greases. It also has a very high UV resistance. If you’d like more information about our flooring systems contact the experts at Floortech® today. We can help you explore options for colour, design, finish and more, and decide which commercial flooring system is right for your project.